Quarantine: Making Time

The world has been brought to its knees by a viral force, dead-set on dividing and conquering. Revealing true leaders and fake ones. Business will never be ‘as usual’ again. Even my words have been furloughed for weeks, lost in a stewing torpor of self-doubt, unable to do justice to this crisis—because anything uttered feels, well, less than essential.


The fighting goes on at the front lines. And there is no immunity to a palpable sense of longing in the air, everywhere.


But. Gardens are growing. Writers are writing, singers are singing, bakers are baking, yogis are zooming, climbers are coding, hikers are strolling, and makers are making, clamoring for productivity amidst all the loss.



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I have been needing to make things. New things which take a lot of time. Tiny, fragile things like a book inside a chicken egg shell. And hand-dyed indigo bandanas. Dipping, dripping, rinsing, washing, and ironing them into being.



I have also been considering the differences between making and taking, with regard to hiking. When I think about ‘taking a hike,’ I am in a space of conquest: Taking pictures. Capturing. Hunting for treasure and bringing it home, wearing scrapes and bruises like badges on a girl scout sash. Nothing inherently wrong with all that, but somehow, in this phase of making the best of things, I am more comforted by the idea of ‘making’ a hike. Making it happen, safely. Making sense, making art, making friends, making memories. Taking nothing… for granted.


In the spirit of all of the above, here is a link to a She Explores post and embedded podcast, in which I am honored to share some spoken words along with other badass women, all of us sharing different pre-pandemic-togetherness memories on the trail. Enjoy!


More to come, eventually, around the bend…

7 Responses to “Quarantine: Making Time

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that egg with the tiny booklet inside – it summons something deeply resonant from my childhood, when I opened a box of nested items in which the last item was a tiny chick inside a little egg (can’t remember the other items now). And that’s what I love about all your work, Karen: it’s clear you have never lost touch with childhood’s sources of wonder. Even if we didn’t personally experience them from our own upbringing, we can access that pure wonder through your creations. A gift! If the pandemic has focused you on making more of these portals, then I’m grateful for it. And always grateful for you and your friendship, on the trail and off.

    • Oh Melinda, thank-you for your kind words, and I am so pleased my little egg opened up that door for you. I think I am stuck for life with the wondering kid in me, for better or worse, so I am grateful my work can resonate with grown-ups now and then 🙂 xoxox

  • Keep on dreaming!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    What a beautiful posting, so thoughtfully MAKING and CREATING thoughts that touch us to the very core. At a time when we have been cautioned NOT to touch, your words CAN touch others safely, thoughtfully penetrating to others at far distances. Your creative processes have not been shut off during this time of shut-down, and they have continued to expand and grow. We are honoured by your contribution to the SHE EXPLORES podcast, and honoured to be your parents.

    With gratitude and love,
    Mummeth and Dad

    • Ohh, you’re makin’ me blush. The honor, I mean the honour, is all mine. Love you guys. xox


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